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A New Century of Challenges

A New Century of Challenges

  • Image & Professionalism
    The consumer expects professionalism in a specialty business. They expect an exciting, yet comfortable, store environment, served by knowledgeable and courteous staff. Your task is to provide that image and professionalism.
  • Sales & Profits
    You are a "Retailer". As owner or manager of a retail establishment, it is your responsibility to grow your business by increasing your sales and profits. You must look at all available means to accomplish that objective, whether utilizing cost-cutting techniques or increasing your market share by keeping old customers, attracting new customers and offering excellent service.
  • Your Needs
    Your store may only need a little TLC - to be updated, cleaned up or fixed up. A face-lift might involve some updating and rearranging fixtures, traffic patterns and displays to make your store work to its best advantage. It may be necessary to remodel, which might entail an entirely new interior design with new fixtures, sales counters and color décor for the walls and flooring. Maybe you need renovations to create new spaces, along with a new interior and exterior plan. Or, perhaps you are in the position of constructing a completely new facility.

Basic Services

Our basic services include:
  • Fixture and furniture layout plan/print; generally in ¼" scale.
  • Merchandise and display plan/print; generally in ¼" scale.
  • Finish & Material plan/schedule, as well as a Materials Sample Board with       color scheme samples, wall covering, floor and material swatches.
  • Fixture and display recommendation and quotation of materials, if required.

Optional Services

Upon consultation and request of the client, we provide, at a separate cost, optional services from:
Store Evaluation: An on-site visit to the existing facility, that evaluates the exterior image presented to the customer, the interior image specifically the design and departmental locations, merchandise displays, traffic flow, signage, fixtures, color scheme, flooring, and lighting.
Interior graphics and signage: Creating a coordinated approach to an exciting and eye-catching merchandising theme to generate sales and profits. Can also include logo design and advertising materials, if requested.
Exterior graphics and signage: To complete the professional image and marketing plan of the business.

Whatever your needs, Retail Store Concepts can assist. We have worked with clients ranging in store size from 600 square feet to more than 20,000 square feet. We would be pleased to work on your project.

Email me with more information.